I am Saujan Khapung

Economist, Photographer and a Developer

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What I do

Data Analysis

Using R and python, I can perform data cleaning, wrangling, analysis,and visualization, both for academic and professional purposes. I also use SPSS, SmartPLS, NVivo, STATA and Excel whenever and wherever needed.

Front-End Development

I am passionate about front-end development. I use HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jekyll for this purpose.


I do photography mostly as a hobby. I use lightroom and photoshop for my editing. To capture photos, I use my canon 650 D and iphone7.

My Work

Who I am

An Economist and Analyst based out of Lalitpur

I am an economics graduate with interest in econometrics, development studies, political economy and policy analysis. I have worked with various research organization and think tanks as a consultant and research assistant, and mostly in the role of a data analyst and a researcher. I am a data analysis nerd with specific interest in sustainable development, public policy and economics. I am also interested in front end development.

Talking about hobbies, Gardening and Singing are my favorites. I ride Mountain bike and do medium distance running for fitness. I go hiking atleast once a month as I love spending time in the nature as it helps me take a break and reminds me to live in the present. Similarly, I spend my other free times learning German and French, as I am keenly interested in learning new languages. Since I am also a fan of History, I spend my other times visiting temples and places of significances around Kathmandu Valley, visually going back through time using the power of imagination.

Saujan hiking around the hills of nepal

My work

A selection of few of my Photographs.

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